Key Elements of Project Management

From the inception of a random thought to the completion of the task, the process of making a product or performing a service needs very supportive and nurturing care. Project management is a very important task of managing a project in such a way that maximum benefits can be extracted from it. Project management involves inception of an idea and starting to work on it till the final product is made and profits have been reaped.

Every project consists of five steps during the product life in the manufacturing unit and managing it to perfection defines the success of the project. Project management is basically divided into five stages, namely:

  • Inception
  • Planning and Development
  • Execution
  • Project Monitoring and Quality Control
  • Correction and Completion

Every project follows the same pattern, however, some stages may include one or more sub-stages which need to be managed by the project management team.

Inception- A project starts with an inception of an idea. A random thought can sometimes become a great idea or the solution to the toughest problem the world is facing right now. It can be a random thought, a heard from somewhere information, a theory or any other form of imagination. Once the idea gets kick-started in the mind, the next stage is started by the project management team.

Planning And Development- Once a rough idea is penned down, the brainstorming session starts with executives and designers from every department pointing out the problems and suggesting solutions at the same time. In this stage, the product reaches the next level where it can be ordered for production. But before allowing the execution team to start batch production, the product undergoes huge research and development. Only when the product's design and build conforms to all the international standards.

Execution- The execution or the manufacturing team starts manufacturing the products as soon as it gets the details of the product. The proper project management ensures that the bottlenecks, if any, get removed at the earliest and the plant functions at maximum efficiency.

Project Monitoring and Quality Control- Once the product is manufactured, the project monitoring team keeps a keen eye on the products manufactured. Every batch undergoes extensive tests to ensure the products manufactured are in compliance with the quality promised to the customers. Various quality control techniques are undertaken to check the quality of the manufactured products. The product is approved only when it clears all the quality tests without any fail.

Correction and Completion- The project gets completed only when the product manufactured by the team is approved for sale by the quality control team. In case, the product is not able to fulfill the standards set forth before manufacturing, the lot is discarded and the process of manufacturing is revamped after a proper study of the method.


The project team that follows these key elements is the real project management team. The project team also has to keep the overall project on track by expediting the processes which are lagging behind and motivating the team from time to time.